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General directions for use

· At least 3 air pads are required to support a handling platform. The pads shall be screwed below the frame and should be evenly spaced, accounting also for center of gravity possibly not in the middle.
· Compressed air pipe should be sized in order to limit pressure losses. A pressure regulator is not necessarily required: compressed air may be directly supplied from existing circuits.
· The number of orifices 4 (see front) is defined for each supply as a function of actual conditions of use. See instruction sheets in case of change or ask for our assistance.
· Prior to any order check the available compressed air flow in your supply system.
· Suspension 2 (see front) allows the placement of numerous air pads under a single load, and consequently the handling of huge or loose loads, and the reduction of the pressure onto the floor, making it possible to stand on damaged floors.


Control rule

L : control rule length
d : max.allowable departure from flatness

Max gap

· Floor conditions (porosity, roughness, flatness, slope) should be closer to recommended values when supported loads are close to nominal capacity.
· Floor should be air tight on the used surface: joints should be properly filled.
· Floor should be smooth as much as a flattened, smoothed and coated concrete with grain not visible.
· Many industrial floors are suitable:
- tiles with smoothed joints
- vibrated concrete with quartz or iron powder filler
- various cement mortars, smoothed or glazed
- concrete with epoxy paint.
· A temporary or local solution consists in laying down onto the floor a suitable cover (metal sheet, galvanized steel tape, oilcloth, etc.).
· The curve in the figure gives the allowed departure from flatness as a function of rule length.
· Floor slope should be as low as possible.

Note: please ask for support in case of doubt. We may inspect and repair existing floors.


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