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The first Plug'n Play air pad system!

Comer Comer

This turning table, installed at Comer Industries - Reggiolo (Italy), with a capacity of 4 tons, illustrates the concept of plug and play technology for air pads: no regulators or other adjusting knobs are available to the operator, only the start-stop valve. The pads adapt by themselves to the changing load during the rotation and to the different loading configurations; even no initial setup is required, just plug the air and go!


this one...handle

...or this one?startstop

It's been long ago that the crank starters have been replaced by modern solutions, whose main goal is to simplify our lives.

PREXCO develops solutions for the automatic control of the lift of air pads. These systems allow for the air pads to adapt by themselves to changes of the load, or to changes in floor quality, with no need for a manual adjustement of air pad lift. Here again the main goal is to simplify our lives...
autocontroller An electronic controller, based onto the reading of a special distance sensor, continuously determines the right flow rate to the pad for obtaining a constant, though modifiable, lift. This solution is suited for any type of pad: you can use it even as an upgrade to existing transporters.
autopad A fully pneumatic controller, not requiring a battery, is a very cost effective solution. It requires a special type of pad, though. The constant adjustable lift of the pad is obtained by a small valve inside the pad.


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