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You supplied the following information:
Company name: {'001Company'}
Street: {'002Address'}
Code: {'003Code'}
Town: {'004Town'}
State: {'005State'}
Country: {'006Country'}
Products, services: {'007Products'}
Size of company (manpower): {'008Size'}
Name, surname (function): {'010Contact'}
Tel.with international and local codes: {'011Tel'}
Fax with international and local codes: {'012Fax'}
E-mail: {'013Email'}

1. - Do you have handling projects or plans? {'101Hasproject'}

2. - What load do you intend to handle?
Description: {'201Description'}
Nominal weight: {'201Nominal_weight'} Maximum weight: {'202Maximum_weight'} Minimum_weight: {'203Minimum_weight'}
Overall dimensions Length: {'204Length'} Width: {'205Width'} Height: {'206Height'}
Center of gravity: {'207CdG'} How far from center: {'208How_far'}

3. - Type of handling?
Type of path: {'301Outdoor-indoor'} {'302Straight_Bent'}
Path length: {'303Path_length'} Path slope: {'304Path_slope'} Handling frequency: {'305Handling_frequency'}

4. - What type of floor?
Material: {'401Floor_material'} Soil condition: {'402Soil_condition'}
Are there gaps, crevices or cracks? {'403Crevices'} Is it porous? {'404Pores'}

5. - What kind of handling system are you looking for?
What kind of system? {'501System_sought'}
Your compressed air supply: Available flow rate {'502Flowrate'} Available pressure {'503Pressure'} Power {'504Power'}

6. - What is the deadline for your project? {'601Deadline'}

7. - Do you already know about air pads? {'701Knowledge'}

8. - What can we do for you? {'801Our_action'}
Thank you for your attention


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