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The Plug&Play air skid

Air autoskid

Autoskids for casters ě400 and ě300

A decisive step forward in the technology of air casters: this patented air skid is inserted, or fastened, under the load and from then on it is self regulating.

No more knobs to readjust at every load change: this Plug&Play skid employs standard air casters, connects directly to the compressed air network and contains all the control equipment required to automate the air regulation: it adapts itself to the actual load, including at the start up, and it follows all the subsequent changes.
A ball stays in contact with the floor and actuates a pneumatic valve, that adjusts the inflation of the caster. It is also possible to temporarily shut off the automatic control, as may be required on floors in bad conditions: the casters will return to the usual manual adjustment.

Available for both casters of type A and type B. Ask for more info.


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