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The air pad
La scienzia strumentale, over machinale, e nobilissima e sopra tutte l' altre utilissima, con cio sia che, mediante quella tutti li corpi animati, che hanno moto, fanno tutte loro operazioni.(Leonardo da Vinci)
Machinal science is over all others of great usefulness, as by it all moving bodies perform their operations.
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Your activity requires handling of light or heavy loads, regularly or occasionally.
You employ for that purpose traditional handling systems that could give rise in your situation to one ore more of the following problems:
· clumsy wheeled transporters require lengthy and repeated movements;
· brittle goods, requiring special attention;
· overhead cranes at top of lifting capacity;
· poor floors, not adapted to local loads;
· irremovable ways where tracks are required.
Did you know that LEVITANS air pads may help in handling and closely positioning your loads, also allowing for substantial savings in the cost of handling equipment?
The technique of LEVITANS transporters and transpallets is more than 20 years old and represents a well established industial standard in developed countries.
In France Bertin Technologies manufactures a complete set of air bearing systems adapted to very different applications. Hundreds of handling systems are operating in all industrial fields.
Bertin Technologies is the biggest private and independent Contract Research Company in Europe. Their technological solutions in all fields and industrial sectors are a boost for competitiveness.
Standard transpallet on air pads - 10 tons capacity
LEVITANS products for many handling applications
1. Handling on floors
· Circular pads: double stage, with low and large lifting height
· Modular systems: very flexible in use, a single set of pads may be used on multiple equipments
· Load modules
· Swing load modules: air bearing coupled to wheels
· Platforms
· Transpallets
· Transcoils
· Crawled modules: where floors are very poor
· Tailored installations: turnkey installation including
compressors, air supply piping, floor preparation, etc.
2. Handling on tables
· Die/mold handling systems: for heavy equipment (movement with virtually zero force), and for light equipment (accurate and fast positioning)
· Soft shoes: the solution for machine configuration changes
· Plastic shoes: the solution for minimal space and for floors with discontinuities
3. Handling on machined surfaces
· Rigid shoes
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Bertin Technologies
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