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The air pad
La scienzia strumentale, over machinale, e nobilissima e sopra tutte l' altre utilissima, con cio sia che, mediante quella tutti li corpi animati, che hanno moto, fanno tutte loro operazioni.(Leonardo da Vinci)
Machinal science is over all others of great usefulness, as by it all moving bodies perform their operations.
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You aim at (or dream of...) a
px_a271 Do you know that the air pads LEVITANS allow to move very heavy loads, or delicate goods, or both heavy and delicate ones, with a maximum of safety?
If you want to design an exhibition where one ore more of the following conditions exist:
· moving valuable or precious goods, or heavy, large, fragile, tall ones (in a word 'difficult'...)
· no way of entering with a suitable lifting equipment
· no sufficient space for handling
· precious floors or with unsufficient bearing capacity
please ask!
The LEVITANS air pad offers:
· manual handling of objects up to 10 tons and more
· assisted handling with electric or pneumatic pusher
· standard equipment, such as transpallets, or special ones for almost any type of horizontal handling
· pads permanently fitted to the charge for frequent movements
· many air pads under large objects to obtain the best load distribution
· maximum safety for very tall objects: the pad raises of only one centimeter, no falls possible
· lateral movements and rotations on location for the best use of available space
· protection of your floors, even if precious: floor polishing will be preserved!
· and much other you wouldn't even imagine...
The air pad technique is an industrial standard from over 20 years in occidental countries.
In France Bertin Technologies has implemented a complete series of air pads for very different applications. Thousands of installations are operating in all industrial activities.
Bertin Technologies is the biggest private independent resarch company in Europe. Its solutions to many technological challenges are well known for their competitiveness.
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Bertin Technologies
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