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LEVITANS Give me an air pad
and I'll move the earth!
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Of simple use
The LEVITANS air pad relies on the creation of an air film between the soil and the pad, that may be obtained with a normal air compressor.
The friction is virtually reduced to zero and the load may be moved with minimal effort.
Owing to the cooperation of an inflatable rubber lip and of a pneumatic hinge, used as the suspension, the air pad LEVITANS evolves easily over the floor ondulations.
The air pad moves in every direction. It allows lateral movements and rotations on location with a maximum of ease: loads are positioned fast and precise.
It raises the safety...
Owing to its ease of use, the LEVITANS air pad
does not require skilled personnel. It's ease in any movement allows the manipulation of delicate or precious goods with a maximum of safety.
Handling time is appreciably reduced: exhibitions might change their configuration in a virtually continuous way.
...with no maintenance
The air pad LEVITANS requires no planned maintenance operations: there is no consumption for a correct installation. Replacement parts, in case of accident, are small and with low cost.
It protects your floors...
The best results of LEVITANS system is obtained on a flat non porous surface.
However, as the bearing pressure is limited, the LEVITANS pad may move on poorly resistant floors,
en_a221Principle of the air pad
and avoids the damages found with systems on wheels: the floor is preserved.
...and your installations
LEVITANS air pad is used for moving very heavy objects with safety (it lifts up never more than 20 mm). So no heavy lifting equipment will be required, and no consequent modifications of building structure.
px_a273Air pad supports
px_a181From space... to the cultural heritage? px_a08310 tons transpallet on air pads
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